All about Catamaran Rentals in Split 

One of the most popular european destinations on the summer travel list is Split and its many surrounding Dalmatian islands. Who can blame visitors for loving this region so much, when the sun never ceases to shine and the verdant mountainous scenery blows you away? Catamaran rentals in Split are a brilliant way of seeing everything at your own pace, as so much is accessible by water, including uninhabited islands and secluded coves hidden from mass tourism. All of this can be reached from the comfort of your floating hotel. 

Sailing Areas in Split 

There are various areas in the Split region where our catamaran rentals are located. 

Port of Split, ACI Marina Split and Marina Kastela

Port Trogir and Baotić Marina

We also have rentals on Šolta island in Rogač. You can also find a lot of good catamarans for rent not far, in the beuatiful Šibenik.

Climate and Sailing Conditions in Split

You can plan your Adriatic sailing adventure anytime from spring to autumn as temperatures are mild with plenty of hours of sunshine. In the summer, temperatures peak 30°C heating the ocean up to over 20°C, perfect for snorkelling and scuba diving!

Generally, the wind is at its mildest during the summer season, though be wary that in the afternoons it can change or pick up speed. Make sure you are always informed on the weather before setting sail. 

Itinerary Ideas for Split

The abundance of options for your sailing itinerary and holiday activities are largely dependant on first of all, where your catamaran rental is based, and secondly, on what kind of holiday you’re looking for. We have no doubt that whatever your perception of a fantastic holiday, you will be able to find what you’re looking for. 

Planning an itinerary can be tricky when it comes to interpreting how long you would like to stay somewhere. For Split, personally we recommend at least two days. Some may feel this is not enough, some may be content with an afternoon stroll around its fascinating centre with its ancient palace ruins towering among the boutiques and bars lining the cobbled streets. Along the harbour and coastline, you can find information about cave tours and scuba diving companies. 

Trogir is also an impressive Croatian town with its admirable architectural works. Visit its summer music festival anytime from June to September for some cultural insight into traditional folk and classical music. For those in search of buzzy beach life, Medena Beach has everything you could imagine, including tennis courts and mini golf. Sip a cocktail from one of the swanky bars and let yourself go in beach paradise. 

In terms of islands, explore as much as you can! There are so many nooks and crannies along these spectacular coastlines that are hidden from the crowds and perfectly accessible with your catamaran as the shallow draft allows you to coast and moor closer to shore. This is also a beneficial advantage of catamarans as this factor gives your more protection and safety closer to shore. 

Travel Tips for Split

The closest airport is Split Airport (SPU) located between Trogir and Split. Bus shuttles are available to many locations and worth checking timetables and routes. Split Airport to Trogir shuttle costs approx. 12 HRK, whereas to Split it costs 20 HRK. 
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Catamaran rentals in Split, Hvar

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