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Double hull, double the thrill! Many of those who are passionate about sailing have decided after several years of sailing with sailboats to try out renting a catamaran, thus increasing both the comfort and the opportunities available for their holiday. The catamaran sacrifices part of the adventure and the excitement to gain in comfort and services. In recent years, the Italian coasts are becoming more and more popular with these boats that combine comfort and conviviality with the pleasure of maneuvering sails and ropes. Italy offers almost 7,500 km of different types of coastline, wherever you decide to visit, you will always be welcomed by Italian cordiality.

What to do in Italy

Renting a catamaran implies many advantages, but you need to know that it also has its needs. For example, it requires a particularly large and spacious berth place, and not all ports have so much space. For this reason, we recommend the catamaran to visit places that are not frequented by mass tourism but still within reach of well-equipped ports.
With no doubt the place that best corresponds to this description is the “Isola dei mori”: by renting a catamaran in Sardinia you can discover little known bays that are just few miles away from well-known holiday resorts. You can easily do that with your boat and reach: Isola di Piana, the famous Villasimius, or the paradises of Cala Goloritze and Cala Mariolu.
Your catamaran will prove to be an excellent choice even among the waters of Sicily, where the sun and the good weather will allow you to enjoy the maximum comfort of your boat. We can also suggest different destinations such as Favignana and Milazzo, from which you can leave for Vulcano and the Isole Eolie

The weather in Italy

A catamaran is a perfect boat during good weather days characterised by wind and sun: the first one will push your sail towards those paradise beaches, the second one will provide you with heat, whilst it’s rays shine on the waves making them glisten. Summer in Southern Italy lasts many months: in Sardinia it’s long, hot and dry, with average temperatures on the coast between 30º/35º (80º-95º F); but the weather is more bearable thanks to the Mistral and West winds, the same ones that will allow you to surf at full speed with your catamaran! In Sicily, the good weather is even more assured! The sun and the hot wind coming from North Africa bring temperatures to rise above 35º (95º F). For these reasons, always having the sea at your disposal, combined with the comfort of the catamaran is the perfect getaway.

How to get to Italy

Reaching Central and Southern Italy is easy, thanks to the many international connected airports. The main airports to reach your destination are Roma-Fiumicino, Napoli-Capodichino and Catania Fontanarossa e Cagliari-Elmas. If you prefer to reach the north first, Milano-Linate/Malpensa, Venezia-Tesséra e Bologna Panigale are the main centers from which you can then move thanks to Frecce of Trenitalia, the medium and high speed trains that connect the entire peninsula. 

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Catamaran rentals in Italy

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