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Catamaran rentals in the Caribbean

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All about Catamaran Rentals in the Caribbean

Lie back on the net of your catamaran and enjoy the tropical Caribbean atmosphere with your family and friends. Catamaran rentals in the Caribbean are ideal for families wishing to experience an authentic yet tranquil time together on board a spacious vessel, as well as groups of friends celebrating and chilling together on holiday. The wildlife on these paradisiac islands is incredible with stretches of beautiful coastlines wowing sailors who admire the beauty of nature from a panoramic perspective. 

Sailing Areas in the Caribbean

You can rent a catamaran in several destinations in the Caribbean. The list of catamaran rental areas is listed below:

British Virgin Islands
Saint Martin
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Antigua and Barbuda    
United States Virgin islands
Saint Lucia
Puerto Rico
Saint Barthélemy

Climate and Sailing Conditions in the Caribbean

Our favourite time of year for sailing in the Caribbean is in early summer between March and June. The one time of year we don’t advise sailing is during hurricane season from August to September.

Early summer is such a great time of year for cooler temperatures, blooming flowers and there are fewer travellers in general meaning you can enjoy a calmer and less crowded paradise. 

Another plus is the weather during this time of year. The trade winds at this time of year are just perfect for smooth sailing and exploring the exotic coastlines. The East Coast of Martinique is particularly glorious and a wonderful time of year to explore its lagoons. 

Itinerary Ideas in the Caribbean

For inspirational ideas and detailed sailing routes, our blog is full of routes prepared for you. Whether you wish to cruise The Windward Islands or the British Virgin islands with a catamaran rental for a weekend or week

The list of itinerary ideas is endless! We have unlimited amounts of sailing routes and restaurant recommendations on our blog. You can find itinerary plans of various lengths, from 3 days to a fortnight, with beach hotspots, nature attractions and upbeat locations on these paradisiac islands. 

Travel Tips for the Caribbean

Most Caribbean islands have their own international airports. Smaller islands may operate more local flights rather than larger long haul flights. 

Miami International Airport (MIA) is a large international airport with connections to many destinations and could be a good option for flight changes. You can also sail with your catamaran to main Caribbean Islands from Miami, such as The Bahamas. The caribbean is waiting for you!
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