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All about Boat Rentals in Zadar

Quite possibly one of Croatia’s most intriguing cities, Zadar is traditionally timeworn from its Venetian and Roman heritage, yet modernly advanced with its unique sustainable attractions. After all, where else in the world can you sit on the keys of a sea organ? With a boat rental in Zadar, you can explore this fantastic city and its scenic surroundings by travelling to the Zadar Archipelago and Kornati Islands at your own pace in your preferred company and comfort. Here, you will encounter true Croatian island paradise. 

Sailing Areas in Zadar

Our boat rentals are situated in various locations in the region of Zadar. Here is a list of the towns with their port and marina names listed from north to south:

Zaton - Port of Zaton
Zadar centre - Port of Zadar, Marina Zadar, Marina Borik
Bibinje - Port Bibinje
Sukošan village - Marina Dalmacija
Biograd na Moru - Marina Kornati, Marina Šangulin
Petrčane - Port Petrčane

As well as in Zada centre, many of our catamaran rentals are based in Port of Zaton and Marina Dalmacija. 

Most of our yacht rentals are based in Marina Dalmacija, too.

Climate and Sailing Conditions in Zadar

Zadar has optimum weather, perfect for enjoying the warm mediterranean sunshine and is also sheltered by the Zadar archipelago and Kornati Islands. During the summertime, the sea temperature averages 23°C, ideal for all sorts of aquatic activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving and paddle boarding. In July and August, the sun shines for up to thirteen hours a day with temperatures ranging from 25°C to 30°C.

Itinerary Ideas for Zadar

Zadar’s Old Town is completely pedestrianised and full of quirky bars and restaurants waiting to tickle your taste buds. Stroll along the coastal promenade up to the sea organ and sun salutation. These two attractions are unique to Zadar and definitely worthy of an instagram! The sea organ are a series of steps built into the promenade where you can perch and listen to the relaxing sound of whalesong. The sun salutation lights up in the evening after having charged up all day by the sun.

The Zadar Archipelago comprises of some of Croatia’s most precious island gems. Dugi Otok, Pašman and Ugljan are some of the larger islands. Telašćica Park, located on Dugi Otok island, is a beautiful national park with wildlife and a saltwater lake.

If you want to know where you can venture to on a sailboat or motorboat rental, why not plan your navigation route down to the Kornati Islands or even to other mainland cities on the Dalmatian Coast?

Travel Tips for Zadar

Only 12 km away, Zadar Airport (ZAD) is just a 20 minute drive to the heart of the city. It’s even closer to Sukošan village. The bus shuttle service to Zadar centre costs 25 kuna. 
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