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Reviews from our clients for Mallorca

Reviews from our clients for Mallorca

1464 reviews

  • Try and find coves not accessible via land for the best experience. Also best to do your own research on places to visit.
    Mario D.

    rented a Sea Ray 270 Sundancer

    Published Jul 31, 2018

  • Conditions are usually better in the morning so go early. A 15HP boat is not powerful enough to deal with any rough surf.
    Nick L.

    rented a Quicksilver activ 455 open

    Published Aug 31, 2018

  • There are many Best beach!!!! Various activities! I can many experience in Mallroca! I can borrow boat without license

    rented a Bayliner 16 element

    Published Sep 2, 2018

  • Cruising the back of Dragoners, crystal clear blue waters. Anchoring off many beautiful bays, Camp de Mar especially
    Garreth A.

    rented a mv marine MV Marine 620

    Published Jul 31, 2018

  • Yes. Varied locations to visit with challenges which are not intimidating. Great ports with excellent restaurants.
    Jonathan W.

    rented a Zodiac N-ZO 760

    Published Aug 25, 2018

  • Great scenery And nice little bays to anchor up in. Best part of the island. It’s a must when on holiday
    William M.

    rented a V2 5.0

    Published Aug 13, 2018

  • Everything was fantastic. Sunil was great and the beauty of Mallorca was amazing. The boat was also great
    Veronica J.

    rented a Sealine Sport 35 Open

    Published Sep 2, 2018

  • The clean water and the nice beaches. To be able to go to a place that you can t go to from the land.
    Helene O.

    rented a Capelli TEMPEST 900 WA

    Published Jul 19, 2018

  • The sandy beaches and the clear blue sea water was fabulous for snorkelling.
    Steve F.

    rented a Quicksilver activ 455 open

    Published Jul 13, 2017

  • Great number of ports to visit and easy to navigate.
    Phil A.

    rented a Sea Ray 260

    Published Jul 11, 2018

  • Port Pollenca is ideal for families and beginners.
    Wolf S.

    rented a Zar Formenti zar 75

    Published Aug 14, 2018

  • Great beaches and coves port Adriano is fantastic

    rented a Sea Ray 270 Sundancer

    Published Aug 28, 2016

  • Amazing
    Nicholas M.

    rented a Beneteau Flyer 8.8

    Published Oct 14, 2015

  • Mallorca is great for sailing, but the port w took the yacht form Club de Mar did not suit us at all. First of all it is vry difficult to get in and out. Youhave to get a card. The process took so long that it was after 12 and they took money for another day, which we found unfair. Next the mariner who was supposed to help did not do his job well and could not even explain were the place was. And on the last day they did not know if they have places or not and were on both sides of the fence. Thus we had to sail for three hours just to wait. Absolutely unsatisfactory. On the other hand Port Nous was absolutely fine. So such bad service is not typical for Mallorka but only for club de Mar.

    rented a Bavaria 40 CRUISER

    Published Sep 29, 2018

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    Antonio B.

    rented a Zodiac N-ZO 760

    Published Jul 3, 2018

  • Durch die Stadt zu laufen, war schon spannend. Es gibt überall was zu sehen. Gut gefallen hat mir der gesamte Hafenbereich und die angrenzenden Stadteile bzw. Strassen- und Seitenstrasse. Empfehlenswert Mercadona (heißt es glaub ich). Na ja, jedenfalls der Markt, in der Nähe der Cuban Bar (eine Querstrasse weiter), von außen in einem relativ unscheinbaren Gebäude gelegen, innen sehr lebendig, ursprünglich und relativ günstig.
    Henrik M.

    rented a Beneteau Oceanis 361

    Published Nov 26, 2018

  • La ciudad es hermosa ,, recomiendo recorrerla ..el puerto tiene barcos muy buenos y esta muy bien ubicado para salir a recorrer la ciudad Calas todas tienen su encanto asi que con tiempo seria ideal pasar por cada una de ellas . La zona a navegar es realmente muy sencilla con gran profundidad asi que no hay q preocuparse por el calado. La isla es un fantastico destino para los navegantes
    Diego R.

    rented a Beneteau Oceanis 473

    Published Sep 8, 2018

  • La oferta es muy amplia. El mismo puerto en el que alquilamos el barco (S'Estanyol) es una muy buena opción. Desde allí se puede llegar fácilmente a la isla de Cabrera o fondear frente a la playa d'Es Carbó, como hicimos nosotros, y darse un baño. Si se desea, en el restaurante del Club Náutico S'Estanyol se puede hacer una comida por un precio razonable.
    Miguel A.

    rented a Beneteau Oceanis 430

    Published Sep 8, 2015

  • La zone naviguée se situait entre Porto Cristo et Cala Figuera. De nombreuses criques sont faciles d'accès et magnifiques (eau bleu turquoise avec possibilité de faire de la plongée et voir de beaux poissons), entre autres : Part Naturel de Mondrago, Calo d'en Busques. Attention cependant, des méduses ont été visibles à Mondrago et vers Cala Varques.

    rented a Jeanneau Cap Camarat 5.5 CC

    Published Sep 4, 2017

  • Hemos pasado unos dias geniales. Mi familia y yo nos fuimos a cala Mondrago pero al tener vientos del este, nos dirigimos a la playa de Es Trenc para asi pasar la noche mas cerca de puerto y con menos oleaje. Recomiendo esta playa por sus aguas turquesas y espacio de sobra. Las calas son increibles pero quedan un poco lejos si solo alquilas por un dia.
    Roberto C.

    rented a Bavaria Yachts Bavaria S 30

    Published Sep 5, 2018

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