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Motorboat rent Real Power Boats Real  in Vila do Abraão, Costa Verde

Impressive Real Power Boats motorboat in Vila do Abraão

Motorboat Real Power Boats Real (2002, refit 2016) 21.65 feet

Skipper included in the price

11 places Vila do Abraão (Costa Verde)
from $238 /day
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Yacht rent Coral coral 18 in Vila do Abraão, Costa Verde

Beautiful luxury Coral yacht in Vila do Abraão

Yacht Coral coral 18 59.05 feet

Without skipper (bareboat)

6 places Vila do Abraão (Costa Verde)
from $1,051 /day
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Ilha Grande Rentals 

With Nautal, you can find Ilha Grande rentals, and also charter boats in countless cities and countries, with or without a skipper. Whether you want to rent a motorboat or a yacht, we’ve got you covered. Flexible date change or cancellation is available up to 15 days before check-in on selected vessels, so be sure to check with the individual boat owners what the conditions are for your chosen boat. A boat charter in Ilha Grande is the starting point for enjoying incredible nautical vacations and falling in love with the seas surrounding Rio de Janeiro.

This idyllic island off the coast of Brazil has more than 20 paradisiacal beaches, with breath-taking scenery. All who visit are delighted by this true paradise. If you fancy picking up a new skill, you can also try out some new water sports in Ilha Grande. One thing is for sure, a boat trip here will leave unforgettable memories on your vacation, so don't waste any more time and come and set sail for Ilha Grande today!

How much do Ilha Grande rentals cost? 

The price of Ilha Grande rentals varies depending on several different factors. For example, the capacity, length, and make of the boat all influence the cost, as well as the season, the boat type, and whether you want to rent with a skipper. Below is a list of prices according to boat type: 

Can you find Ilha Grande rentals with or without a skipper? 

Yes, you can find a boat charter in Ilha Grande with or without a skipper. However, you must keep in mind that to rent a bareboat, you must be in possession of the appropriate licence. 

Ilha Grande rentals with a skipper are a great idea for all those who want to relax on board and leave the technicalities of sailing the boat to someone else. If you want a trip which is slightly more adventure-filled, you should absolutely go for a bareboat charter in Ilha Grande. This will allow you to visit the places that you particularly want to during your sailing trip and will also give you the option of being slightly more spontaneous. 

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