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Reviews from our clients for Ibiza

Reviews from our clients for Ibiza

1476 reviews

  • Rent a boat and enjoy the beautiful waters. Also Olí restaurant was amazing for drinks and food! We stayed in B-Llobet apartments and it was a great experience!
    Karina E.

    rented a Beneteau Oceanis 331

    Published Oct 26, 2019

  • Formentera was beautiful and definitely a must see. We had lunch at Juan y Andrea which was a beautiful restaurant with great ambiance, food was just ok.
    Erin C.

    rented a Jeanneau Yachts Cap Camarat WA8.5

    Published Jun 11, 2019

  • Recommend to hire a boat (sailing) and go down to Formentera to dive in the sea. Would also recommend Bambuddha as a restaurant to try out - great vibes!
    Toby R.

    rented a Centurion centurion 61

    Published Jun 25, 2019

  • Sailing to Formentera and enjoying the beach. Heading out for delicious seafood at various restaurants and seeing some of the worlds best DJs play
    Jade S.

    rented a Lagoon 380 S2

    Published Aug 28, 2019

  • Ibiza is an amazing island and very family friendly with fabulous child friendly places, great beaches and fantastic spots of natural beauty.
    Trupti P.

    rented a Beneteau Oceanis 430

    Published Aug 8, 2019

  • There is great area to sail around and chill our. We were sailing around San Antoni and find several spots for a break and swim and snorkling.

    rented a RM 450 open

    Published Aug 19, 2019

  • Cala Bassa Beach Club, they come out to you in their own dinghy if you are anchored in the bay. The beach at Cala Conta is wirth a visit too
    Stephen T.

    rented a Monterey 214 FS

    Published Sep 26, 2019

  • Great beaches and good restaurants. Nice and clean island. Not overcrowded, at least this time of the season (early July). Friendly people.
    Christina F.

    rented a Lagoon 380 S2

    Published Jul 6, 2019

  • Es vedra, cala d’hort, cala bassa, salines, expérimental beach. Day trip to formentera with the boat and have lunch at Juan y Andrea
    Matteo C.

    rented a tullio abbate Executive 42

    Published Aug 16, 2019

  • Going to formentera in a sail boat. Have a nice relaxed full day sailing and stopping there. Visit the beach. And chill on the boat too..
    Petra H.

    rented a Fortuna F 9

    Published Jun 21, 2019

  • Formentera is amazing and the sailing yacht is very smooth in the water. Carlos is a great host. Juan Y Andrea is lovely for sea food.
    Peter P.

    rented a Centurion centurion 61

    Published Oct 4, 2019

  • Very easy to find beautiful coves to explore and areas to do water sports . Lovely scenery and nit too crowded in early September.
    Len S.

    rented a Monterey 268 ss

    Published Sep 7, 2019

  • Lío was a great restaurant. The food was good and the entertainment was even better. Nikki beach club on sundays was also great.
    Syundai J.

    rented a Sealine f34

    Published May 26, 2019

  • Going to Formentera is something I would recommend. It’s one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. It’s a must!!!
    Marie L.

    rented a Ferreti Yachts Persing 45

    Published Sep 15, 2019

  • We went to Formenterra for lunch, swimming and water sports. All excellent. Paula was helpful and Alan the skipper was superb
    Alex G.

    rented a Pacific Craft 670 Open

    Published Sep 10, 2019

  • Scenery, hospitality Beaches, beach clubs mmmmm cocktails, clubs, great food in great restaurant general good times
    Nick H.

    rented a Dufour 43 classic

    Published Jul 19, 2019

  • sailing to formentera guarantees you a great day with crystal clear water and nice beaches, will definitely come back
    Damien Z.

    rented a Glastron 225 GT

    Published Aug 28, 2019

  • Formentera was amazing - the waters are so blue and lovely to swim in. We enjoyed snorkelling and paddle boarding.
    Shreya C.

    rented a Dufour 37 GIb Sea

    Published Jul 16, 2019

  • We would advise a boot trip! So Nice! Also the Sunset was Nice! We had lots of fun! Next time we will do it again!
    Marielle F.

    rented a RM Remus 450 open

    Published Jun 9, 2019

  • Cala Bassa and Cala Comte are my favourite beaches in Ibiza. Wonderful to sail to them from the port of St Antoni!
    Tom V.

    rented a V2 V2 BOATS 5.0

    Published Jul 31, 2019

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