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All About Boat Rentals in Crete

When you rent a boat in Crete for a week you can easily reach one of the island's most spectacular sights. Elafonisi Beach is renowned for its pink sand. You'll be able to see the same crystalline blue water that you can find throughout the Mediterranean, but the unique colour of the sand really sets this beach apart from the competition. Relax in the huge natural pool, where the water is shallow and slow-moving, making it ideal for families or nervous swimmers.

Sail Greece’s largest island on a boat rental in Crete on your next summer holiday with your loved ones. The alleged birthplace of Zeus, this beautiful island offers more than seasational views from your own exclusive aquatic hotel, aka boat rental! The exquisite cuisine on this Greek island is renowned as one of the most delicious Mediterranean diets, as well as the healthiest. Let this magical island captivate all your senses with its natural beauty, rich culture and delicious gastronomy on your next sailing adventure in paradise. 

Boat Rental Areas in Crete

You can rent a boat in various areas of Crete, so we have created a list of our ports and marinas below:

Heraklion Port 
Hora Sfakion
Marina Agiou Nikoloau
Limenas Chersonisou
Port of Souda

Sailboat rentals and motorboat rentals are our most popular boats to rent in Crete. 

Things to Do in Crete

Crete has some of the most beautiful beaches with locations such as the Balos Lagoon in Chania. Elafonissi Beach is an exotic paradise that we also recommend visiting. The best part of this area is that you can sail happily here, and dock in a sheltered area thanks to Elafonisi Island. Further up north, Falassarna Beach provides a majestic mountainous backdrop to the blue shimmering sea lapping the golden shores of this bay. Visit Vai Beach on the East Coast and lose yourself in the palm tree paradise. 

An island rich in culture and history, there are plenty of archaeological sites for exploring in Crete. You will also come across monasteries with impressive architecture built in various centuries such as the Arkadi Monastery, the Agia Triada Monastery and the Chrysoskalitissa Monastery. 

Explore the castles that remain on this historic island. Our favourites are the Kazarma Castle in Sitia, the Fortezza Castle in Rethimno, the Fragokastelo Fortress in Frangokastello and the Venetian fortress Rocca al Mare in Heraklion. 
There are also several museums on the island, including the Natural History Museum of Crete. 

Crete’s impressive landscape offers plenty of adventures for trekkers and its underwater world makes scuba diving a popular activity here, too.

A Journey in Time

Crete was once home to the Minoan civilisation, which played a key role in both history and myth. If you're familiar with the tale of Theseus and the Minotaur, don't miss the palace at Knossos, home to the tale's evil king, Minos. Today you can see some of the stunning architecture and ancient frescoes. Be sure to visit the museum in Heraklion, which houses a collection of Minoan artefacts. There's nowhere else in the world that you'll see so much about the Minoan civilisation.

The Secrets of Cretan Cuisine

When you charter a boat in Crete, you'll have the chance to try one of the world's best cuisines. Cretan food is the basis of the world-famous Mediterranean diet, so tuck in - it's good for you! Cretan cheeses are usually made from sheep or goat's milk, while some variants mixture milk from both animals for a unique taste. You'll find a different cheese in every village, but all are worth trying. Enjoy them as part of dakos, a local salad that also includes tomato and barley rusks. Try lamb with stamnagathi, which is a local wild green vegetable, and don't miss out on the mountain bulbs foraged from the hillsides of the island.

Climate in Crete

Enjoy a boat rental in Crete in the sunny summer sunshine, or sail in spring and autumn for cooler yet pleasant temperatures. 

The strongest winds tend to blow during the winter season, meaning the rest of the year provides sublime sailing conditions.

How to Get to Crete

There are two international airports on the island of Crete. They are both based on the North Coast, Chania International Airport (CHQ) in the west and the other, Heraklion International Airport (HER) in the east. 
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