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You can find boats available to rent with or without a skipper in the Carribean on the Nautal website. Search for sailboats, catamarans, motorboats and more in the Carribean and/or in the world. Flexible cancellation or date changes up to 15 days before check in is allowed on selected boats. The Caribbean is quite simply one of the best sailing destinations in the world. Renowned for its paradisical, clear and crystalline waters, its idyllic beaches and palm trees, the region makes a once-in-a-lifetime romantic getaway, an unforgettable family holiday and a thrilling sailing adventure. The Caribbean region is vast and varied, so it's best to pick a particular area and dedicate a full week-long boat rental to soak in the sunshine and seascapes. If you dream of sunbathing in the Caribbean while contemplating the turquoise water scenery and stunning islands, we recommend sailing in Martinique, Saint Martin, Guadeloupe, Cancun and the British Virgin Islands, among others. 

What price are boat rentals in the Caribbean?

Renting a boat in the Caribbean costs from 270 dollars per day in low season. In high season, the price of renting a boat in the Caribbean begins from 330 dollars per day and from 2100 dollars for a week. Some factors that can influence the price are type of boat, length, age, capacity, season, duration of charter, with or without a skipper, extras, etc. 

  • The price of catamaran rentals in the Caribbean

1 day: from $570 in low season and $825 in high season

1 week: from $2,300 in low season and from $3,350 in high season

Skipper: from $250  per day

  • The price of sailing boat rentals in the Caribbean

1 day: from $760 in low season and $950 in high season

1 week: from $1,200 in low season and from $2,300 in high season

Skipper: from $170  per day

  • The price of motorboat rentals in the Caribbean

1 day: from $270 in low season and $330 in high season

1 week: from $1,700 in low season and from $2,100 in high season

  • The price of rib rentals in the Caribbean

1 day: from $270 in low season and $600 in high season

1 week: from $1,500 in low season and from $4,000 in high season

Skipper: from $140  per day

Is it possible to rent a boat in the Caribbean with or without a skipper? 

Renting a boat in the Caribbean with a skipper is ideal if you want to be guided through the best places in the area and get the most out of your sailing experience. An additional price for a skipper starts from 140 dollars per day. You can rent a boat in the Caribbean without a skipper if you have the appropriate licence or if there are boats available to rent that do not require a licence. It is without a doubt a great idea to be the captain of your own boat if you are an experienced sailor. To navigate without a skipper in the Caribbean, the sailing resume is considered. Large yachts, however, are usually chartered with crew and captain. 

What boat to choose to sail in the Caribbean? 

The most common types of boats for rent in the Caribbean are sailboats, catamarans, motorboats and yachts. Choose the one that best suits your needs. 

What are the most popular ports in the Caribbean?

What could be more relaxing than a boat rental in the Caribbean? A tranquil tropical climate with breathtaking views of snow white beaches inhabited by wildlife and natural beauty. Swim with the friendly water pigs in the Bahamas or kayak across the psychedelic lagoon in Bahía Mosquito in Puerto Rico as you admire the fluorescent water and tropical fish below; the peculiar delights on offer in the Caribbean are truly out-of-this-world. So what are you waiting for? Cruise the Caribbean on a boat rental and discover raw nature wild at heart.

Our boat rentals in the Caribbean are based on several islands in different areas. Ranging from the Bahamas in the north, stretching all the way down to islands such as Grenada and Saint Lucia in the South Caribbean. 

The Caribbean is in itself the perfect sailing destination. Many will charter a boat for a week with a skipper to explore this variegated region, circumnavigating islands or hopping between islets and beaches on awe-inspiring cruises. There is not a "best" Caribbean experience, as all are intriguing and invigorating, but there are many highlights.

For instance, St. Lucia, with incredible views of the Pitons and easy half-day island-hopping adventures, draws many for its diving waters and soft sailing. In the Bahamas, you're spoilt for choice, with the Abaco Islands, New Providence and Grand Bahama offering a glimpse into one of the world's great island lifestyles. Antigua will be perfect for wildlife enthusiasts, owing to its Hawksbill sea turtle nesting areas. Martinique is perfect for hikers and French-Caribbean cuisine, whilst the British Virgin Islands encourages fantastic sailing with port bars and easy anchorage near coves, bays and beaches. 

All our boat rentals areas in the Caribbean are listed below:

  • Bahamas
  • British Virgin Islands
  • Martinique
  • Saint Martin
  • Guadeloupe
  • Grenada
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Antigua and Barbuda    
  • United States Virgin islands
  • Curaçao
  • Saint Lucia
  • Puerto Rico
  • Saint Barthélemy
  • Belize

How is the weather in the Caribbean?

Between March and June, the Caribbean is an absolute pleasure to sail. Though in general, the Caribbean is nice almost all year round. The only time we don’t advise you to sail is in hurricane season during August and September. 

Sailing the Eastern Caribbean in early summer (March - June) is perfect. Not only are there fewer tourists, but the weather is calmer and tranquil with flowers blooming all around. In addition, anchoring and exploring the gorgeous bays of the islands is effortless, as the trade winds are ideal for holiday sailing. 

We recommend sailing the East Coast and lagoons on a boat rental in Martinique during this time of year.

Although it’s windier and cooler, Christmas time is a very popular time for sailing the Caribbean, as well. Bookings are taken fairly early in advance (up to a year), so book in advance to avoid disappointment! 

Similar to Christmas, Thanksgiving is also very popular for sailing holidays in the Caribbean. 

How to get to the Caribbean?

There are international airports dotted all over the many Caribbean islands, meaning the chances are you can fly directly to your boat rental location. 

However, there are other ways of getting to the Caribbean. For example, flying to Miami is a good option for getting the Bahamas. You can rent a boat in Miami and sail to the Bahamas, or you can simply change at the airport and catch a local flight to your desired island. 
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Price depends on dates and duration of a charter Add dates for prices
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