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Houseboat rent Hand-built craft Trawler in Marina da Glória, Rio de Janeiro

Rent this houseboat with 1 Cabin and visit Marina da Glória

Houseboat Hand-built craft Trawler (2018) 41.34 feet

Skipper included in the price

1 cabin 2 baths 48 places Marina da Glória (Rio de Janeiro)
from $1,335 /day
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Sailing boat rent Brasilia Náutica Brasília 32 in Porto Ubatuba, São Paulo

Enjoy your trip in a 9.60 metre sailboat

Sailing boat Brasilia Náutica Brasília 32 (1980, refit 2021) 31.50 feet

Skipper included in the price

1 cabin 1 bath 7 places 6 berths Porto Ubatuba (São Paulo)
from $191 /day
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Rib rent SailMaster SailMaster SR 440 in By Dente, Santa Catarina

Experience speed with this SailMaster RIB

Rib SailMaster SailMaster SR 440 (2016, refit 2021) 14.44 feet

Skipper included in the price

6 places By Dente (Santa Catarina)
from $238 /day
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Gulet rent 1996 Traineira  in Paraty, Costa Verde, Paraty

Enjoy sailing aboard this gulet to 20

Gulet 1996 Traineira (1993) 30.84 feet

Skipper included in the price

1 bath 20 places Paraty, Costa Verde (Paraty)
from $229 /day
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- 20%
Catamaran rent Seawind Catamarans Seawind 1000 in Paraty, Costa Verde, Paraty

Rent this Seawind 1000 catamaran from 1997

Catamaran Seawind Catamarans Seawind 1000 (1997, refit 2020) 32.81 feet

Skipper included in the price

3 cabins 1 bath 8 places 6 berths Paraty, Costa Verde (Paraty)
from $267 $214 /day
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Price depends on dates and duration of a charter Add dates for prices
- 20%
Catamaran rent Seawind Catamarans Seawind 1000 in Harbor Angra dos Reis, Angra dos Reis

Enjoy the sea in this Seawind Catamarans Seawind 1000 catamaran

Catamaran Seawind Catamarans Seawind 1000 (1997, refit 2020) 32.81 feet

Skipper included in the price

3 cabins 1 bath 8 places 6 berths Harbor Angra dos Reis (Angra dos Reis)
from $267 $214 /day
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- 10%
Sailing boat rent Jeanneau 419 in Paraty, Costa Verde, Paraty

A beautiful Jeanneau sailboat in Costa Verde

Sailing boat Jeanneau 419 (2018) 41.86 feet

Without skipper (bareboat)

3 cabins 2 baths 8 places 6 berths Paraty, Costa Verde (Paraty)
from $791 $712 /day
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Catamaran rent Lagoon LAGOON 450 in Harbor Angra dos Reis, Angra dos Reis

Lagoon 450 in Angra dos Reis

Catamaran Lagoon LAGOON 450 (2014, refit 2018) 49.21 feet

Skipper included in the price

3 cabins 6 places 6 berths Harbor Angra dos Reis (Angra dos Reis)
from $1,430 /day
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Catamaran rent Libero PRAIA 47 in Marina da Glória, Rio de Janeiro

Beautiful Navmar catamaran in Angra dos Reis

Catamaran Libero PRAIA 47 (2013, refit 2018) 47.05 feet

Skipper included in the price

4 cabins 2 baths 12 places 8 berths Marina da Glória (Rio de Janeiro)
from $706 /day
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Catamaran rent Praia 47 in Iate Clube do RJ , Rio de Janeiro

Enjoy sailing this catamaran of 14.00 meters

Catamaran Praia 47 (2013, refit 2021) 46.36 feet

Skipper included in the price

4 cabins 2 baths 12 places 8 berths Iate Clube do RJ (Rio de Janeiro)
from $706 /day
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Price depends on dates and duration of a charter Add dates for prices

Boat Rental in Brazil

With Nautal, you can pick from hundreds of boats to rent in Brazil either with a skipper or without. From sailboats to catamarans, and even speedboats to houseboats, our range of boats for you to choose from in Brazil is endless. Flexible date change or cancellation up to 15 days prior to check-in is permitted on selected vessels. Renting a boat in Brazil is the best way to travel around the country. With more than 2,000 beaches, only 9 of its 26 states are without access to the sea. The most popular boats for rent in the country are motorboats, for faster rides, and sailboats, for those craving a more relaxing nautical experience.
With your rental boat it will be easier to reach the Brazilian islands, some of which are isolated. You can create your own travel route to make the most of your boating holiday and be enchanted by every corner of this amazing country.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Brazil?

The price of renting a boat in Brazil can vary greatly depending on a number of factors such as which area of the country you want to visit, the time of year, which amenities are on board your boat, and even the type of boat you’re looking to rent.  In Brazil, we have ten different types of boats available to rent.
For yacht rental in Brazil, prices typically start at $582 a day and $4077 a week.
On the cheaper end of the spectrum, to rent a sailboat in Brazil, you should be looking to spend at least $28 per day and $194 per week.
Motorboat prices usually start at $107 for a day.
Brazil is also one of the top places to rent a jet ski, with prices starting at around $1702 for half a day, $3404 for a full day charter, and $23380 for a week long charter.
RIB rental starts at $165 per half-day, $291 for the whole day, and $2039 for a week.
If you fancy renting a houseboat, you can expect to spend at least $291 per day or $1359 per week.
Gulet rental usually costs from $233 for a day and $1553 for a week.
Fishing enthusiasts might find their dream fishing boat rental starting from a price of $58 per day or $291 per week.
If you want to rent a catamaran, prices start at $1767 per week.
The search for your perfect licence free boat rental starts at a price of $534 for a day charter and $3737 for a week long charter.

Can I rent a boat in Brazil with or without a skipper?

Yes, you can rent a boat in Brazil both with and without a skipper.  However, non-resident foreigners in Brazil wishing to rent a boat without a skipper must register for a temporary sailing licence (habilitação provisória).
Renting a boat in Brazil with a skipper is ideal if you want to be guided to the best places in the area and dedicate yourself exclusively to enjoying the trip. You can rent boats in Brazil without a skipper only if you have the appropriate nautical license. Without a doubt, it's a great idea to be captain of your own boat, as it leaves you free to enjoy your vacation without any constraints.

What are the weather and sailing conditions like in Brazil?

Before embarking on your Brazilian boat charter, it is necessary to take into account that the country has a great climatic diversity.  While this is one of the things that makes the country such an interesting place to visit, it can also cause some problems if you are not prepared.
To the north, in the Amazon region, the climate is equatorial.  This means that it is hot and generally humid. Its average temperature is around 24ºC to 27ºC (75-80.5ºF). This climate is called equatorial because it affects regions that are close to the equator.
Another of Brazil’s climates is tropical. This is the climate usually found in the center of the country, a large part of Piauí and a portion of Bahia, Minas Gerais and Maranhão. The tropical climate typically has well-defined seasons, with a hot, humid summer and a mild, dry winter. The south of the country has a lower average temperature compared to the rest.
Regardless of the different climates, Brazil is known for being a country with generally high temperatures, making it the perfect destination for your nautical vacation!

When is the best time for sailing holidays in Brazil?

While it is true that certain destinations, like Angra dos Reis, are good destinations for sailing year round, the best times for your boat charter are generally considered to be between April and May, and between September and the beginning of November.  During this period, the average temperature is around 23ºC (73.5ºF), with highs of around 30ºC (86ºF) and lows of around 18ºC (64.5ºF).
Brazil, like many of the other countries in this area, has a rainy season, which runs from November through to March and the coldest temperatures are usually found between June and August.
Having said this, sailing conditions in Brazil will generally be fairly pleasant and consistent all year roundWinds typically come from the east and southeast and range from 8-14 knots (around 9-16 mph), and tend to get stronger in the afternoon.  The sea is usually calm, having no strong currents, and the tidal range can reach up to 4 ft (just over 1 metre).

What to do during your boat charter in Brazil?

Brazil is a country of great natural beauty, idyllic beaches, street parties, music, and a cuisine that is both peculiar and enchanting. In essence, it has everything you need for the perfect vacation!
Starting with the parties, Carnival is what attracts the attention of both foreigners and locals alike. Characterised by street parties, the Carnival celebrations see groups of people take to the streets of the city wearing the most diverse and creative costumes and jumping to the sound of marchinhas. Rent a boat in Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, Bahia to discover the most popular carnival parades. Get ready to accompany the samba schools and be sure to take plenty of pictures of the whole event.
To enjoy even more with your rental boat, we advise you to go to Jurerê Internacional parties, north of Florianópolis Island. The best thing about doing this is that, in addition to having the opportunity to enjoy the night time parties, with all sorts of entertainment, from national and international shows to famous DJs, the beach is right in front of the area where these parties take place. Ilha da Magia, as it is known, has both a busier area, for those who prefer the action, and a quieter area, with a beach with calm and warm waters, meaning that a vacation here will suit everyone in your party.
The country also has many natural beauties, among which is the Fernando de Noronha archipelago. It is difficult to choose which is the most beautiful beach in this breathtaking area. With your rental boat, you can visit the beaches you want and enjoy scuba diving or snorkeling and hiking, as well as participating in water sports in the emerald green waters.
If you like architecture, the country's capital, Brasília, in the Federal District, is the place to go. The city has an artificial lake, Lake Paranoá, and we strongly recommend that you rent a boat in Brasilia to enjoy this lake. Playing water sports is a common pastime in the city.  Some of the most popular ones include paddleboarding, kayaking, kite surfing and wakeboarding.
For football lovers, the Maracanã Stadium, in Rio de Janeiro, is well worth a visit. The Maraca, as it is called, is the largest stadium in the country and has already been at the centre of great moments such as Pelé's 1000th goal. Take the opportunity to rent a boat in Angra dos Reis , a region near the capital of Rio de Janeiro with stunning landscapes and navigate through the crystalline waters of Ilha Grande and be sure to make a couple of trips further inland to explore all the best spots of Rio while you’re at it.
Besides sports, another essential highlight of Brazilian culture is music. When renting a boat in Brazil, you should definitely enjoy a late afternoon in a bar, or better, in a boteco, listening to good Brazilian popular music and the famous samba music. Learn how to samba, have a caipirinha and eat the cod fritters, all while soaking in the infectious Brazilian atmosphere.
Each region has its cuisine that varies according to its climate and tradition. Açaí, feijoada, acarajé, rice with pequi, picanha... There are so many Brazilian dishes to sample that you’re bound to find your new favourite food among the local cuisine.

What are the most popular ports in Brazil?

The coast of the state of Rio de Janeiro is one of the preferred destinations for sailing in Brazil, with Angra dos Reis being the most sought after region. Overall, the Costa Verde Brasileira is the favorite navigation destination in Brazil, including Paraty and Ubatuba, which are at the top of the list!
The Lakes Region is also very popular, especially Búzios, Cabo Frio and Arraial do Cabo, as well as Salvador, in the northeast of Brazil!
The coast of São Paulo is also in great demand, especially in the region of Ilhabela and Guarujá. In Santa Catarina's waters, Florianópolis dazzles all who go there with its landscapes and parties.

How to get to your boat charter in Brazil?

You can reach Brazil by water, air or land transport depending on where you are travelling from.  You can get direct flights to Brazil from many major cities in Canada and the USA and you can even get some direct flights from the UK.  If you’re on a budget however, it might be cheaper to get connecting flights from many countries, especially those in Europe.

Which boat should you charter in Brazil?

The boats with the greatest demand in Brazil are the motorboats because they are comfortable, compact and have a greater engine power. This type of boat is ideal for shorter trips, usually of no more than a day or two, for example, or for trips focused on speed and practicality.  In a motorboat, you can tour the islands of Angra dos Reis, windsurf at Praia do Arpoador, or maybe even bask in the water of the beautiful beaches of Búzios!

Sailboats, on the other hand, are guaranteed to give you a trip full of adventure and freedom! Allow yourself to be at one with the movement of the waves, guided by the winds of Paraty or Ilhabela, gain experience working on board with the sail, and learn all about pressure points and the peculiarities of the tide at your destination of choice. The experience of travelling in a sailboat is extremely vivid and authentic, so don't miss this opportunity to discover the Brazilian coast in this way!

Catamarans are the perfect for those wanting to experience the true essence of comfort! These boats are multihull sailboats, and as such offer much more comfort, space and stability than a monohull sailboat.  This makes them ideal for cruising with your family or with a large group of friends. Furthermore, the catamarans guarantee a super safe and stable navigation, which can help those traveling with children have a more comfortable trip.  The distribution of their weight in two hulls also guarantees a greater lightness to the boat, which allows access to even the shallowest of waters!

Renting a yacht is the ultimate luxury experience! There is no more luxurious or comfortable way to explore than from the comfort of this extravagant vessel, gazing out over the turquoise waters surrounding you.

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