All About Boat Rentals in the Bahamas

The beautiful Bahamas are a sailing sensation, and with up to 700 cays, islands and atolls and only 30-40 of them inhabited, gliding around on your heavenly boat charter is the ultimate way to explore true nature, raw wildlife and beauty. The capital, Nassau, is located on the island, New Providence, where we have over 300 boat rentals waiting for you! Though we rent in other parts of the Bahamas as well, such as the Abaco Islands, Great Exuma, Andros Island and the Bimini Islands! Boat rentals in the Bahamas are easy to organise and plan, not to mention a complete pleasure to experience.

 To discover all that the Bahamas has to offer in comfort and luxury, consider a Bahamas boat rental. This enchanting part of the world offers year-round sunshine and a number of stunning destinations that can be uncovered as you slowly sail through the water. There are a number of price options available to you, depending on the number of berths you need. Catamarans, for example, are ideal for families to share for a week. No matter your choice of vessel, with a skipper or without, you can enjoy a stylish holiday with a Bahamas boat rental. 

How much does it cost to rent a boat in the Bahamas?

Some factors that can influence the price are a type of boat, length, age, capacity, season, duration of charter, with or without a skipper, extras, etc. For example, the price of a boat rental in the Bahamas in low season starts from 2800 dollars per week. The lowest price in high season starts from 4200 dollars per week. An additional price for a skipper per day starts from 250 dollars per day. 

All prices of the boat rentals depending on the type of boat you can see below:

  • Catamarans

1 week: from $2,800 in low season and from $4,800 in high season

Skipper: from $250  per day

  • Sailing boats 

1 week: from $3,900 in low season and from $4,200 in high season

Skipper: from $250  per day

  • Motorboats

1 day: from $850 in low season and $1,150 in high season

1 week: from $7,800 in low season and from $8,700 in high season

What to do in the Bahamas

The islands in the south-east are deserted, in comparison with those in the north. However, in George Town there are many people, both travellers and locals.

Great Exuma is a touristic location; perfectly comprehensible with its beautiful beaches, iguanas, swimming pigs and more!  

Treasure Cay, in the Abaco Islands, is probably one of the most dazzling places in the world. The water is an exceptional turquoise and the sand is almost snow white, glistening in the sun. As if this place couldn’t get any better, there are almost never any crowds in the area, either.

Not far from here, there is a nautical activities centre, and also a bar/restaurant, where you can enjoy a typical cocktail and some local food while admiring the spectacular scenery surrounding you. 

Our closest harbour to Treasure Cay is Harbour View Marina Marsh Harbour. The Mermaid Reef diving spot here is very reputable and the beaches here are generally smaller. 

The Eastern Shore is situated at the very tip of the island of Grand Abaco. Here, you will see the most stunning houses, which you can also rent and stay for a night if you fancy some time on firm ground. Most of these houses also have their own access to the sea through a private pontoon.

For your taste buds...

The Bahamian cuisine is spicy and uplifting (lemon, garlic, pepper, curry), favouring seafood.

The conch is a mollusc that can be cooked in different ways, and it frequently appears on the menu. Otherwise, lobster, grilled fish and stews are favourites among the locals here.

Do not leave without tasting the cocktails the Bahamas has to offer, especially the Bahama Mama, made with rum and coconut rum, grenadine, lime juice, pineapple and orange!

Sailing Areas in the Bahamas

Located just to the East of Grand Bahama, Abacos is comprised of a series of Cays dotted with private homes and is best viewed by private yacht. This impressive chain of islands is just waiting to be explored and you will have the opportunity to discover why Abacos is known as the Sailing Capital of the World. The beaches here boast pristine golden sand and there will be plenty of opportunities to find a secluded spot and head to the shore to soak up the sun for a few hours. Alternatively, dropping anchor to swim in the bay of Exuma is an experience that should not be missed. This area is also home to the captivating Exumas National Land and Sea Park, which boasts a large collection of hundreds of uninhabited cays surrounded by dramatically blue waters. Most of our boat rentals in the Bahamas are based in Nassau, New Providence. There are also boat rentals based in Albany Marina and Palm Cay Marina

Yacht rentals in Nassau are also a popular choice for cruising the Bahamas in luxury and comfort at faster speeds! 

Other boat rentals are based on the islands, Great Abaco, Andros Island, Great Exuma and North Bimini! We know, we know, we’re spoiling you for choice….

If you need a hand deciding what to do, where to sail and where to start, we’re just a phone call away! Our knowledgeable boat charter advisors can inform you on routes, various ports and advantages of different boat types, like catamarans

Enjoying the Biminis with a Boat Rental

The Biminis are a remote collection of islands that were made famous by Hemingway’s ‘Island’s in the Stream’. This is a great place to try your hand at a spot of fishing from onboard your boat. Long Island is perhaps the most scenic of these islands and boasts several long stretches of golden sand. Cat Island is rarely visited by tourists, offering the perfect opportunity to enjoy the tranquil waters and tropical backdrop in peace.

Practical points...

Marinas in the north are often expensive. However, there are free buoys available.

As the sea is so transparent on these beautiful islands, seeing where you are anchoring is effortless (and weighing anchor is also easier) and means you can watch out for coral reefs. Help to protect this delightfully peculiar species by being respectful and choosing where you anchor wisely. 

Climate and Sailing Conditions in the Bahamas

The Bahamas typically have two seasons. A dry season and a wet season. Note: The Bahamas also have a hurricane season (during the wet season from July to September).

The dry season lasts from December to April and temperatures are generally very pleasant, ranging between 20ºC - 25ºC. 

The Alizé (French for trade winds) are fairly gentle throughout the year and do not pick up until July to September, when the area is more susceptible to hurricanes. 

The water temperature averages between 24ºC and 28ºC in general, perfect for all kinds of aquatic activities, or simply bathing in the beautiful clear blue oasis surrounding your boat rental in the Bahamas. 

How to Get to the Bahamas

You can fly directly to the Bahamas, or if your local airport doesn’t fly directly, flights to Miami Airport fly in from all over the world. 

There are a total of 22 airports in the Bahamas. The two biggest and international ones are Marsh Harbour and Nassau. There are direct flights to these airports, too.

Lynden Pindling International Airport (NAS) is an international airport in Nassau with connections to Miami, as well as other popular locations. 

Leonard M. Thompson International Airport (MHH) is the international airport located in Marsh Harbour.

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