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LEOPARD - ROBERTSON & CAINE - Leopard 40’ | 8 people (12.2m)

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Outremer - 55L | 12 people (16.76m)

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Catana - Bali 4.8 - 5 cab. | 11 people (14.82m)

Alice Town
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From $2,637 per day

Bimini boat rentals

Located in the westernmost region of the Bahamas, Bimini is a popular sailing destination from Miami and Fort Lauderdale, with a fine marina in its own right in Alice Town. Wherever you choose to depart, Bimini is an oasis for novice and seasoned sailors alike. Consisting of three main islands (North, South, East) and a handful of uninhabited islets, the region has a colourful history linked to the prohibition-era USA, as well as a number of fantastic sunbathing, fishing and diving spots.

Bimini is the westernmost chain of islands in the Bahamas, located about 50 miles east of Miami. Bimini boat rentals are the perfect way to explore the three islands: North Bimini, South Bimini, and East Bimini. The largest islands are North Bimini and South Bimini, so you’ll most likely dock at one of the two.
North Bimini is about seven miles long, and home to Alice Town, a collection of shops, restaurants, and bars on a road known as “The King’s Highway”. Scuba diving and snorkeling are popular activities, because there are many shipwrecks in the area that make for fun diving experiences!
South Bimini is home to the airstrip, South Bimini Airport, and offers a quiet alternative to the lively nature of North Bimini. There is a small community of homes on South Bimini known as Port Royale, and an epic nature trail.

What to do with your boat rental in Bimini

Aside from enjoying your Bimini boat rental, we recommend you take a walk down the Bimini Nature Trail and enjoy and discover hundreds of native plants and animals. The trail is managed by the Bimini Sands Recreation and Activity Center and features hundreds of native animals and plant species in their natural habitats. Visitors can take a guided tour of the trail to learn about the Bimini boa, hawksbill turtle, the West Indian flamingo and the loggerhead turtle, among other native creatures and birds.
The Healing Holeis another natural attraction located in the northern region of the Bimini Island. Visitors will need to trek through several acres of mangrove trees and cross creeks to reach it. Legend has it that the water in the Healing Hole has restorative properties, and visitors can see the sea tides fill up the pool with mineral-rich water any time of year. 

Travelling in Bimini

With direct flights from both Nassau and Miami, Bimini is the perfect blend of remote and connected, with luxury resorts on the northern island and plenty of quiet tranquillity elsewhere. The climate is tropical and warm, as you might expect, with a rainy season in the summer months (and a higher chance of tropical cyclones). Your boating adventure is best undertaken in winter, when the waters are calm, offering first-class sailing throughout the region. You can charter a boat with a skipper for any number of days, but it's best to take a week when renting to explore this region at a good pace.

Island-hopping in Bimini

The Bimini Islands have everything from fresh Bahamian food, rich marine life, coastal sunbathing, crystalline waters and secluded islets. Beginning at Alice Town in Blue Water Marina, your boat charter for a week (or day excursions) with a skipper can take in a host of spectacular scenery at a steady pace, including Sapon shipwreck, Chub Cay, White Cay, Great Harbor Cay and Bimini Bay's resorts. Choose from a wide variety of vessels — from small sailboats to large catamarans — when exploring this island paradise. 

Where to find delicious food in Bimini

Bimini is not only a natural paradise with pristine beaches and lush mangroves, it’s also a paradise for your palate. Some of our favourite places to eat are;

  • Lobby Raw Bar:

This is the perfect stop to get your raw on! This sophisticated and sleek bar was made to serve the freshest raw seafood staples Bimini has to offer.

  • The Tides

Wake up in paradise and dive right into an upscale breakfast buffet served at The Tides. This restaurant offers daily breakfast and dinner menus.
Amicci’s, an intimate Italian café, is perfect for a quick meal any time of the day. Menu items include gourmet pizzas, fresh paninis, salads, pastries, homemade gelato, and even Starbucks coffee. It’s an easy and delicious option for before an excursion or after the beach.

The climate in Bimini

Bimini has a warm and tropical climate– averaging 70 degrees in the winter and 80 degrees in the summer months. The rainy season in the Bahamas runs from May to October, and October and June are the wettest two months.

How to get to Bimini

Arriving to Bimini truly couldn't be easier. You can fly directly from a variety of airports in the South Florida and New York areas, or catch a connecting flight with JetBlue or United Airlines in either location. Hop on a ferry from Port Everglades, or sail over with a Bimini boat rental. 
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