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Type of boat charter
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Price per day
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Length of boat
0 - 196+ ft
Engine power
0 - 400+ hp
Year of manufacture
2003 - 2024
250 Max MI
3 boats available

Ventura Marine - Ventura 265 | 9 people (10m)

With captain

From $249 per day

Ecomariner - 26 pés proa aberta | 11 people (7.8m)

With captain

From $621 per day

Custom - Catamaran | 80 people (12.5m)

With captain

From $16,073 per day

Boat Rentals Brasilia 

At Nautal, you can find boat rentals in Brasilia with or without a skipper. Motorboats, sailboats, catamarans and much more are available in Brasilia and in the rest of the world. Flexible date change or cancellation up to 15 days before check-in on selected vessels. As the capital of Brazil, it is certainly a must-see for all who visit the country, giving you a close look at Brazilian culture. Brasília is a city that impresses all who visit with its architecture and urban charm. 
With boat rentals in Brasilia, you can enjoy Lake Paranoá in all its glory. Brazil’s capital is also a great place to try out a plethora of nautical activities, including a wide range of water sports.
Renting a boat in Brasília and setting sail on Lake Paranoá is ideal for those who want to spend their holidays in a unique and incredibly memorable way. 

How much do boat rentals in Brasilia cost? 

There are many different factors that can affect the price of a boat rental in Brasilia. The size, capacity, and make of the boat can all affect the price, along with the season when you want to travel, the duration of your trip, and whether or not you want to travel with a skipper. Below is a list of prices according to boat type: 
  • Catamaran rental in Brasilia will usually cost at least $8655 for half a day, $17311 for a full day, and $121176 for a week. 
  • If you want to hire a gulet, you will be looking to pay at least $690 for half a day, $1035 for a full day, and $5715 for a week.
  • A motorboat charter will usually cost at least $367 for a half day, $572 for a full day, and $2572 for a week.
  • Renting a sailboat will usually cost at least $239 per day and $1671 per week. 

Can you find boat rentals in Brasilia with or without a skipper? 

Yes, you can find a boat rental in Brasilia either with or without a skipper. However, keep in mind that to rent without a skipper, you will need to be in possession of the appropriate boating licence. 
Boat rentals in Brasilia without a skipper are perfect for anyone who wants a little more adventure and the freedom to be as spontaneous as they please. If you would prefer a more relaxing sailing holiday, however, you should hire a boat with a skipper, who can take you to all the best places in this hotspot of Brazilian culture. 

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