We’ll Tell You Where to Sail in Greece!

If you’re wondering where to sail in Greece but you’re not quite sure where, let us run through the different types of traveller profile and explain the best sailing locations for each type of traveller. Given that so much of Greece is surrounded by water, it’s easy to understand why it’s such a popular sailing destination for boat rentals. Read more about sailing in Greece and where to sail depending on the type of activities you want to do and things you want to see. 

Family Travellers… Where to Sail in Greece?

When travelling as a family, we highly recommend exploring paradisiac, tranquil islands such as Kos, Crete and Corfu. These locations are popular for families as many services there cater for families and there are plenty of things to do on top of cruising the coat on your boat rental, such as visit water parks, go shopping or enjoy different water sports at sea. 

Family travelling together, snorkelling

Travelling with Friends

This can be a tricky profile to cater for, as many groups of friends look for different things when wondering where to sail in Greece on holiday. However, if one thing’s certain, it’s that when travelling with friends you want to make memories relaxing to the max, devouring delicious food and exploring some exciting places together. 

We recommend Mykonos as an ideal sailing location when travelling with friends. Mykonos is an island that forms part of the Cyclades which also include other peculiar, unique and popular islands such as Santorini, Naxos and Paros. 

Friends travelling together, enjoying sailing

Couples Retreat

There are a hundred sailing locations in Greece for couples but our absolute favourite has to be Santorini. We know it’s a classic so if you’re looking for somewhere off the grid, this one probably isn’t for you but for the rest, trust us; it’s a classic for a reason. Enjoy a luxury yacht rental here and cruise the coast on the ultimate sailing trip of a lifetime. 

Couple on a yacht

History Fanatic… Discover where to sail in Greece!

Those in love with Greece’s famous history should definitely opt for a boat rental in Athens. Not only will you be able to enjoy the fascinating past of Greece but you can escape to explore other areas on your boat rental. Where better to unravel Greece’s history than the Acropolis or the Pathenon?

Adventure Lovers

For those who are looking for adventure, we recommend exploring the Dodecanese Islands where you have the option of sailing in Greece but you’re within reach of other enticing locations in Turkey in the event that you feel like exploring more. The Central Dodecanese Islands tend to have stronger winds during summer months such as August so make sure you always check the weather before sailing. 

Solo Traveller

This depends entirely on the type of solo traveller that you are. If you want to find your people but go at your own pace, you may be interested in sailing near Athens or Mykonos. However, if you’re after a chilled out sailing trip where you can unwind, visit calm islands such as Melos, Delos, Kos or alternatively, explore the Cyclades for infinite paradisiac islets.

Hopefully this information has been useful to some extent for deciding either where to sail or even where not to sail. However, we must say that it’s pretty impossible to choose a bad location in Greece as wherever you sail in Greece, it’s an aquamarine paradise


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