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South Australia: All in one state

South Australia is known as the wine and seafood capital of Australia. With warm people and quality wine around, this is a perfect escape for those who like to let themselves immerse with locals and make lifetime friends.

Here we explore with you some of the main attractions, where to anchor in one pretty cool island, and where to dine in South Australia.


Nested in the southern coast of the country, Adelaide is a city that deserves a visit for at least 2 or 3 days. With a cosmopolitan vibe and acquainted by party lovers, but also with very good museums and a zoo that has it all, we believe that in your next trip to Australia a stop in Adelaide has to be a must.

So some quick advice for our sailor friends when in Adelaide: visit the Adelaide Zoo, second oldest in the country and with a variety of animals such as pandas, koalas and tigers. When it comes to restaurants and nightlife, Gouger Street and Rundle Street in the city has the perfect hipster. urban style with a wide variety of restaurants, You cal literally go from Mexican, to Thai cuisine and then fins some amazing Italian food. It also has some cool bars that when walking through the alleys will be very visible. Adventure yourself and enjoy this mysterious places.

Visit the South Australian museum, devoted to  Natural History. Not only because it has an amazing building, but also the content itself has more than 5 floors of expositions, that kids and adults will equally be amazed with.


This one is for our wine lovers.. With more than 80 cellar doors and 150 wineries, where do we start? Each has its own specialties and specifics, ranging from big name bestsellers to boutique wineries. So take your time, and pick your style; big names, locals with charm, or maybe a mix between them. And remember, let us know which one was your favorite!

Murray river. South Australia

The Murray river in the South Australian part has the side where the river meets the sea. The Coorong stretches 130 km along South Australia’s south-east coast from Kingston S.E. to the Murray Mouth and is a popular place to fish, four wheel drive (4WD), canoe, hike, camp and bird watch.

murray river

Mooring and anchoring

One of the coolest spots to anchor in South Australia is definitely Kangaroo Island.  Yes, as you expected, filled with kangaroos, but also amazing beaches, cities to explore, and an extensive wildlife scene. Kingscote is the biggest city in the island, with an airport and a penguin colony, its the perfect place to begin your journey in the Island.

There are three anchorages at Kingscote.  The first and largest, is used for commercial shipping. The second is used by fishing boats and the third, furthest to the north, has a small pontoon with room for one or two yachts. Just off the second and third jetty is an anchorage with good holding in about 4 meters. Several moorings are also there and may be used after checking with the harbour master.

Weather in South Australia

Probably the state with the seasons more clearly defined, South Australia has a  climate with cool wet winters and hot dry summers. The average summer temperature is 29 degrees Celsius, although each year brings one or two hot periods. In the winter side, the average Celsius temperature is around 15 degrees. So it can get a bit chilly, bur still perfect weather for a walk outside.


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