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Main steps to get the most out of your rental with Nautal

Summer season is about to begin, and so we found the main points that will help you optimize and improve the number of bookings from our customers in Nautal. In order to maximize the income of your boat, there are mainly two ways:
  • Find new customers
  • Word to word recommendation, recurring customers
In order to do so, we give you our key recommendation:
1.-  Have a small and descriptive title. Remember that the title has to motivate, be clear, and at the same time objective, this will drive a potential customer in. For example, you could write: “Wonderful sailing boat Hanse 325 of 9mt with 2 cabins, ideal for 4 persons in Barcelona“. If you have any inquiry or want some help in your title, do not hesitate and send us an email to We are here to help you with your yacht and boats.
2.- Pictures. This is one of the vital aspects when renting a boat. It’s very likely that the last time you used your boat, yo where able to caption some amazing pictures. Use them for your profile in Nautal. People fall in love from the images they see. If you have pictures from the inside, don’t just limit yourself to cleaning and ordering it, put some tasty breakfast in it, maybe an interesting book or a bottle of wine. When the picture is from the exterior, use a picture that has a nice cala in the background, or showing people having fun when sailing.

3.- In the “description“ field, you have to explain as thoroughly as possible the activities that can be done with the boat and the features of it. Explain the characteristics of the boat, some amazing places that you recommend worth visiting,  given your experience, in what ports good restaurants can be found, etc. Describe the details of your boat: brand, model, base port, number of cabins, number of bathrooms, capacity, etc.

4.- Set the price for the deposit. This price depends on the insurance payment that you pay, and also the amount of your insurance. If the deposit corresponds to the insurance, you don´t have to pay a thing in case of an accident. If not, as an example, the deposit for a 10mt sail boat rented for a week is of 1.000 euros, between 1,200 and 1,500 euros if it is 12mt, and between 2,000 and 2,500 euros for a 15mt sail boat.  This deposit has to be retained by the owner in the moment the check in is set

5.- Set the price of the skipper. For a day, or day and a half, the skippers paycheck is around 150 euros per day.

6.- Add additional conditions regarding prices: you can describe the main features plus extra ones. It could be cleaning, gas, auxiliary and motor, towels and linens, berth out of the base port. You could also specify if the customer can sleep aboard the night before or after the renting period It is also a good place to register the check-in and check-out time.

7.- I f you wish, you can offer a discount for last minute requests. For example. you can offer a 20% discount for requests that are less than 2 weeks away from the beggining of the rental.

8.-Specify all the extras. hot shower douche in bathroom, table in bath, silverware, electrical fridge. snorkel equipment, A/C, heating, gas cook, teca floor, jet-ski, wake bard, banana, etc. Extras must be paid at the moment of the check in, and Nautal makes no commission charge for this

9.-Fix the rental price. you can set the price depending on the time of the year or just set a standard price for the whole year. If you set two different prices, be sure to specify what is the price for one period, and the other price for the other. Be sure to set the amount that has to be paid differentiating between one day, 4 days, a week, etc. You could also have  minimum days requirement, so for example, your boat can be rented only if the rental is for 3 or more days.

10.- Use social networks to promote your boat.  Through the social pins that we have available for you in our web, you can publish the link in different Facebook pages, forums, blogs., etc-

Once you get your first rental, be aware that this is a critical moment and one of the defining moments for your future success. Here are our recommendations for this last step:

  • Call the person that you rented your boat to. This way you are clear with all the details and you can clarify any doubts you might have.
  • Offer yourself to pick them up from the train or lend them your parking ticket in the port. There are many details that mean nothing to you, but that will be greatly appreciated.
  • The boat has to be crystal clean not only from the outside, but also from the inside. It doesn’t matter weather  its old or new, the boat has to be impeccable and in perfect conditions.
  • Explain where the security appliances are located; bests, radios, etc. And be clear on how everything works (how to turn the motor on, lights, etc). Use as much of your time as possible, customers with be verh pleased with the service.

This is basically it!… just one more thing, one of the most effective tools is to be patient and emphatic with the customer, not only in person, but also by phone. One can tell when the renter acts like that, and its always very welcomed.

You are a quite a professional now. Edit and create your information as much as you want!

How did it went? Leave your comments and let us know how easy/ difficult it was.


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