menorca by boat

Menorca by boat

Menorca is the less popular little sister of Mallorca and Ibiza in the Balearic islands. It has several monuments and archaeological findings. It also has multiple attractions such as ports, bays, and plenty of  fun activities.

If you are searching for a destination for your boat charter, Menorca is definitely a good place for you to enjoy sailing.

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The are five main areas that we recommend you visit are Puerto de Tamarinda, Puerto de Ciutadella, Puerto de Fornells, Puerto de Cala de Addaya y Puerto de Mahón. This last one is located in the east coast of Menorca and it is known as the second biggest port in the world, just behind Pearl Harbour in Hawaii.

If you choose to explore Menorca by boat, you surely choose a diversity. The port is near a wide variety of restaurants, bars, and shops. There is even a casino for those who love to gamble.

You also have several options to moor your charter boat, although if you are sailing in August, you  that spots will be available. Over the summer, a lot of tourists because of the amazing weather and natural beauties, flow to Menorca. So  be sure to plan ahead so that you don’t end up without a boat.

Its worth the chance to anchor  your sailboat or yacht so that you can enjoy a day of clear and neaty waters in Mallorca. On top of it, if it gets to windy en a side of the island, Menorca is so small that it allows you to sail from one point to the other. I this case, another option is tho rent a catamaran. A cat offers more stability and visibility. You can compare it with a “floating apartment”.

Menorca has so many wonderful calas for you to anchor. The most known and recommended are. Cala Galdana that is atrue paradise. Cala Macarella, tjat is a perfect spot for yachts and sailing boats to anchor, and Cala En Turqueta. This Cala has the peculiarity that you can only access by boat, so this gives you more privacy and natural enchantment. Menorca provides a large variety of caves and beaches to anchor in. 

Speaking of natural beauty, it’s imperative to visit Cap de Cavallería This natural formation in the northmost coast of Menorca, has amazing views with cliffs of more than a 100 meters that overlook the the Mediterranean sea.

An idea set for you to enjoy the sunshine at rhe same time you sip a cup of coffee in your catamaran or sailingboat.

If during your stay in Menorca you feel like hitting land and having a night out. La Cova d’en Xorol could be a good option. It is a nightclub inside the caves that allows you to see the cliff from any of the exterior openings.

But if your thing is to explore the small hidden wonders. you can rent a motorboat and explore the  famous caves that Menorca holds.

Other must do activity in Menorca is the amazing food that its offered. Lobster, shrimps, and fish are the specialties. In order to get the best cuisine, we recommend you these restaurants: Es Cranc, en Fornells. Even though its a establishment away from the sea, they are well known because of their super fresh products, so much that the even have their own lobster nursery.

Know that you have a bit more knowledge of what to do and where to sail in Menorca, all you have to do is choose your boat and sail!


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