How to rent a boat on the Nautal website

1. Search

Go to, search and select your desintation, dates, duration of your sailing trip and you will find all of the boats available for your perfect beach holiday. 

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Some tips are:

  • Use filters located on the left side of the page or the “filter” button on your phone to customise your options. You can filter by the type of boat, boat capacity, and boats available for overnight. 
  • Check the description of the boats that caught your attention. Each boat has its own conditions, terms and discounts explained. 
  • Remember that each boat has its own sailing durations as well as check in and check out times. For example if you wish to rent a boat for two days, you will sail for two days but will only have 1 night on the boat. Using the comments or chat section once you’ve made a request, ask any additional questions to the boat owner. 

2. Request a quote

Review the options in your search and request a quote for the boat that best fits your sailing vacation needs. Requseting a quote is easy and doesn’t involve any commitment. 

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  • Request a quote from 2 or 3 different boats. This will help you get a response to your request as quickly as possible. 
  • If you have any questions or queries about the boat, take the opportunity to add them to the comments section of the quote request. 
  • Once you received a reply to your request, you can contact the owner directly using the chat feature provided in the quote email. 

3. Pay for your boat rental

You received the quote from your boat owner and everything fits what you were looking for? Perfect! Now its time to make the payment to confirm the booking. 

Payments can be made directly from the email with the attached link. 

The payment method is defined by each owner. The payment can be:

  • an upfront payment through our platform of the total amount of the boat rental price 
  • two payments: the first payment in advanced paid through the platform and the second payment managed by the boat owner
  • “book now” option where the owners defined that the payment of the total rental price is made at the time of check in
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After you make the payment with the link, we will send a new email to the owner with the payment and offer details. He must confirm the order for the booking to be finalized. After the owner confirms, the boat will be booked and blocked for your trip. 

If the boat owner doesn’t confirm within the indicated period, Nautal will send you a set of new options of similar boats and/or return your money. 

4. Prepare to sail

The owner will receive your contact information and will arrange the meeting point and other details of your trip. 

Not long now! Your sea experience is about to begin. Don’t forget your camera to record your unforgettable sailing holidays. Tag @nautal on Instagram and Facebook and use the #smartsailor hashtag for a chance to be featured on our pages! We will be happy to relive these magical moment with you. 

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What type of boats can I rent?

There are several types of boats to choose from on Nautal’s platform. From motorboats, catamarans, yachts and houseboats, everything depends on the type of boat experience you want to enjoy. 

Our main types of boats include:

Motorboats are versatile vessels that can be rented for half-day, day or even weeks. The smaller ones without cabin are suitable for day trips! Motorboats rentals are perfect for all types of sailors and are very popular for parties whether that is a bachlorette party or birthday party! This is the best choice for quick trips and ideal to reach differnet points of the region. 

Catamarans are popular vessels, especially for parties and celebrations at sea. With a large capacity, perfect for large groups, this type of boat offers a quiet and comfortable journey. Since they are stable and don’t move as much with the waves, it is mainly indicated for family trips that take children onboard. 

A sailboat is an excellent option for holidays at sea, especially to rent for more than one day. On board a sailboat you will feel comfortable and will be able to moor in quiet bays an explore the new beaches or islands each day. 

The sailboat is ideal for sailors who wanto feel the sea breeze on their face and live the true nautical experience. 

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Average price

The rental price varies according to the type of boat, the date chosen for sailing , the duration of the charer and extras included. It is important to carefully check the price listed in the quote for the boat. 

The average price of a sailing boat in Greece with a skipper is about 578€/day.

Renting with a skipper included

Each country requires a specific nautical qualification for each type of boat. There are many boats worldwide that offer services of a skipper, meaning less to worry about!

Renting with a captain is ideal for calm, worry-free trips. The professional will take care of the technical side of the navigation, leaving you the sole responsibility of having fun! Besides they are an expert in the region and can give you valuable sailing tips such as where to moor at lunchtime or less crowded beaches to take a dip. 

Extras included in a charter:

There are several options of extras to include in your charter. On the boat’s technical sheet, you will be able to consult which extras will be available. Water entertainment extras are the most popular such as stand up paddle boarding, wakeboarding, snorkeling equipment and more. The sea is like a big amusement park! Just remember it is important to be careful and take the proper precautions in the water. 

Day or week charter?

At Nautal we offer the possibility to charter a boat for:

  • half period, usually set at 4 hours of sailing time
  • one day charter, normally 8 hours
  • More than one day
  • week 

It is important to remember that each boat has its own conditions. For example, certain boat owners define that if you charter a boat for 2 days, you will have 2 days sailing but only 1 night on the boat. Day charter, also, does not necessarily include an overnight stay on the boat. To check the sailing time of each boat, consult its technical data sheet or directly ask the owner when you request for the boat. 

All set? If you have any questions don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section below!



  • Avatar Ana Zunic says:

    After recieving an offer, we are trying to get in contact with you or the boat owner for a week.
    All of the mails we are getting are with automatic response with no answer to our questions.
    Is there a telephon nomber you could be reached with ?
    Thanks in a advance,
    Ana Zunic

    1. Avatar Tatiana says:

      Hello Ana, thank you for contacting Nautal. Once you’ve emailed customer service at they will get back into contact with you as soon as possible.

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