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Cruising the Canal du Midi in France

Canal du Midi in France is a 330-year-old waterway that crosses the country, between Toulouse, Bordeaux, and Sete. This canal is one of the oldest in Europe still in operation surrounded by picturesque countryside and vineyards of southwest France. Why not rent a boat with Nautal and discover what this canal has to offer?

Originally, this canal was built as a shipping shortcut between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean. Now, it has become boating heaven for those interested in experiencing France, authentically. Cruising the Canal du Midi in France is a one of a kind experience! Rent a boat in Canal du Midi and enjoy this beautiful waterway. 

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The Pink City: Toulouse

Toulouse, also known as the Pink City, is the fourth largest city in France. Filled with rose-coloured brick buildings, ancient churches, and elegant administrative buildings, this is a lovely city to visit. The University of Toulouse, one of Europe’s oldest universities, brings the city a youthful spirit. In the summer you can find Toulousains by the river enjoying the view or an apéritif. 

Leaving Toulouse, you will find the French countryside to remember. Cruising Canal du Midi in France you’ll find sunflower fields, dense forests and vineyards. Why not stop close to Languedoc-Roussillon? Enjoy some wine in the world’s biggest wine-producing region! A perfect place for some wine tasting whether on the canal or hidden in between the vineyards at wine bars. 

Another fantastic area to visit cellars along the canal is Trebes! With vine bars on the canal and views of this natural geography, you are sure to not want to miss this! Along the way, why not try another national product? Olives! Trebes is also famous for its olives, something you won’t find anywhere else.

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The medieval city of your dreams: Carcassonne

Midway through the canal, this medieval city of Carcassonne will greet you. The fortified city has 3 km of double walls dating back to the 3rd century AD. The cobblestone streets and Gothic cathedral are sure to bring you back to the pre-Roman period and imagine what this medieval fortified town was like in the past. Immerse yourself in the medieval atmosphere of the city and discover the secrets whether with a guide or alone. 

After passing Carcassonne, you will find a series of authentic French villages welcoming you. The small cities of Narbonne, Béziers, and Oppidum d’Ensérune. These villages among others show a small glimpse into the daily life in the French countryside. Pre-Roman settlements, hilltop locations and views of valleys, and more. 

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France’s second largest lake: Etang de Thau

Etang de Thau is bordered by many attractive port towns such as Marseillan and Sete, this peaceful body of water is one to remember. The average depth of this lagoon is 5 meters and does not exceed 10 km. 

Sete, sometimes called the Venice of the Mediterranean, is a stylish 19th-century design, lined with lively port and seafood restaurants. A great place to finish your explorations in the Canal du Midi in France. 

Another picturesque village on Etang de Thau is Marseillan. This fishing port revolves around its position at the end of the Canal. Explore the city’s small shops, cafes and try some vermouth, produced in the region! 

A journey through the Canal du Midi is a great way to explore the French countryside while visiting some medieval cities, vineyards and of course try some of the national products produced in the area! 


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