7 ideas to take care of the sea whilst sailing

At Nautal we firmly believe in our values to be helpful, passionate and knowledgeable. We take pride in being SMART. In order to be the #SmartSailors we strive to be, we must have a clean sea.

We Can Change Our Future

It is common knowledge that plastic is an enormous problem for nature and our wonderful sea animals. Every day we see pictures of turtles trapped in six-pack rings and seals stuck in nets. But have you ever considered that everyone plays a small part in the cause of this without even thinking about it? So together, let’s take responsibility for our seas every day!

One good practice is to educate ourselves about the ocean and the challenges it faces…

Read about 7 simple steps you can take to protect the sea whilst sailing:

1 Recycle and reuse! Avoid single-use plastics
2 – Opt for biodegradable cleaning products 

3 – Don’t throw anything overboard 
4 – Reduce Fuel Usage

5 – Wear eco-friendly sunscreen 
6 – Don’t disturb marine wildlife

Last but not least…

7 If you are sailing in the Mediterranean, anchor properly to prevent damage to Posidonia 

Here at Nautal we truly LOVE the sea and the fact it allows us to enjoy incredible sailing adventures! So together, let’s take responsibility for our seas every day! And if you have any extra advice, please leave it in the comment!


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