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Weekly Sailing Route in Dubrovnik

The Adriatic Sailing Trip of Your Dreams

Irish writer, George Bernard Shaw, once said, “If you want to see heaven on earth, come to Dubrovnik.” The culture hub of Croatia and film set of Game of Thrones, Robin Hood, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Dubrovnik is a travel magnet for those who enjoy spectacular medieval architecture on the coast and paradisiac island hopping. Here is a 7-day sailing route in Dubrovnik especially for you, enjoy!

Day 1: Discover Dubrovnik – Island Lopud (10 nm)

Start day 1 of your boat charter in Dubrovnik by spending an afternoon walking the 1940 meter medieval city wall in the Old Town and delving into the heart of this timeworn city center.

If architecture is your thing, Dubrovnik is the one for you. Visit one of Europe’s oldest pharmacies (1317) in the Franciscan monastery and observe the Dubrovnik warrior legend at Orlando’s Column. If this isn’t enough, the Rector’s Palace, Sponza Palace, and Lovrijenac Fortress are also brilliant specimens of Venetian and medieval architecture design. In July and August, there are also special performing arts festivals at the fortress as a part of Dubrovnik Summer Fest.

Devour a local delicacy dish such as black risotto or some scrumptious seafood before heading back to your boat rental for the evening. Or if you’re a bit of a party animal, experience Dubrovnik’s vibrant nightlife. Just be wary that you don’t want to be too hungover at sea tomorrow!

As the check-in time approaches, take a lift towards your marina in Dubrovnik – ACI Marina Dubrovnik or Marina Frapa Dubrovnik, or towards ACI Marina Slano. Marina in Slano is the newest of all ACI Marinas in Croatia and offers amenities such as swimming pool and wellness corner – ideal for short relaxation after a picturesque 40 minutes ride to Slano. 

Tip: We recommend stocking up on fuel and supplies here before you set off on your boat charter. It’s always a good idea to write a checklist beforehand, so you don’t forget anything!

Jump on board and start your charter by sailing towards Lopud, one of the Elaphine Islands. Anchor in Šunj bay, on the southern part of the island, and spend a relaxing night.

Dubrovnik is the starting point of your sailing trip

Start your sailing route in Dubrovnik

Day 2: Elaphite Islands: Lopud and Šipan (15 nm)

On day 2, wake up to the beautiful scenery of the Šunj beach and dive in. Enjoy the warm sea or take a walk around the island and discover churches, monasteries, summer residences, and the art pavilion Your Black Horizon. 

Just before lunchtime, sail towards island Šipan, the largest of all the Elaphite islands. After sailing 5 nm make your first stop in the little bay of restaurant Bowa and enjoy fresh seafood lunch in one of the cabanas. 

After lunch head north towards Luka Šipanka (8 nm), a peaceful village that is home to small churches. Enjoy your evening in one of the restaurants or have a drink in Luka. 

Sipan, Croatia

Elaphiti Island. The island of Sipan

Day 3: Šipanska Luka – Polače, Island Mljet (24 nm)

Revel in waking up in paradise on day 3 and prepare for your sail to Polače on the northern part of island Mljet. Pick up some supplies if you need anything and set sails. 

This whole northern part of the island serves as Mljet’s national park and Pomena is a fantastic place for anchorage as the miniature island Pomestak shields the harbor.

Get your walking shoes on, or even rent a bike to explore this luscious landscape. Have a restful picnic by the lakeside amongst the flora and fauna and end your day watching the sunset from a restaurant on the harbor. Recommendable restaurants are Konoba Herc and Konoba Ribar for exquisite seafood and pasta dishes.


Day 4: Polače – Island Lastovo (25 nm)

For day 4, our sailing route takes you to the next nature attraction, Nature Park Lastovo. Lastovo archipelago actually consists of several small islands and isles. The entire area has very rich cultural and historic heritage, and the inhabitants, less than 800 of them, try to preserve nature as much as they can. For exploring the Park, you have three options: on foot, by bike, or by diving and exploring the rich underwater flora and fauna. 

In regards to the mooring options, there are three: Saplun bay, Skrivena Luka bay, Škoj od Zaklopatice, and Vejo Lago bay.

Lastovo, Croatia

Day 5: Lastovo – Korčula, Island Korčula (20 nm)

For day 5, our sailing route takes you next door to the island of Korčula. Moor in Korčula (a town on the homonymous island), where you can still adore the view of the spectacular Pelješac hills from afar.

This area of the island is surrounded by red soil terrains, perfect for growing grapes and producing wine. Along the east coast, you will encounter many coves and also beaches such as Banje Beach, where you can relax in the crystalline clear water and go snorkeling. 

Interestingly, some historians believe that Korčula was the birthplace of Marco Polo, the world’s famous explorer. Don’t get surprised when you see Marco Polo’s symbols all over town.

The Škoji island archipelago lies between Lumbarda and Korčula, ideal for some island hopping on the way to Korčula. Although unpopulated, the largest island Badija is situated close to the coast of Korčula. Escape civilization and sail here to explore the ancient buildings and ruins of the island.

Korčula, Croatia

Day 6: Korčula – Saplunara, Island Mljet (35 nm)

Wakey wakey, rise, and shine! Day 6 is your last day for exploring! Where better to explore than Mljet’s Saplunara. Located in the southern part of the island, this not so little bay is surprisingly still a hidden gem. Enjoy the beautiful white sand beach under the palm trees. When you get hungry, make sure to visit a family-owned restaurant Kod Ante and try their amazing traditional Croatian cuisine.



Day 7: Mljet – Dubrovnik Base (20 nm)

Day 7 is, unfortunately, your last day. Enjoy your last swim in the Adriatic Sea as you slowly get ready for the departure. Soak up the last of the sea air on your sail back to Dubrovnik

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Happy sailing!