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The 5 Best Gift Ideas for Sailors

When it comes to choosing a present for your loved ones, we understand it’s normal to get a little anxious and lost in the craziness of endless ideas.

Choosing a gift related to a hobby that you are not so familiar with can also seem a little daunting, but not to worry! If your friend or relative is passionate about sailing, congratulations – you’ve found a universal guide for choosing a present for boat lovers. To make it even easier, we’ve prepared a list of the five best gift ideas for sailors that can enormously help you to choose the perfect present.

A Gift Card for Sailing with Nautal 

The ultimate gift for your favourite sailor is, of course, a memorable sailing experience! Rent a boat for your family or friends and put a big smile on their face. Another fantastic way to do this is by purchasing our gift card, to be redeemed on our website. The gift card can have the amount of money of your choice and you can pay by card in euros, pounds or dollars. Starting from 200 euros, this is approximately the equivalent of a day’s rental of a small boat in the Mediterranean, and there is no expiry date. It can be used to rent a boat, or as a coupon where the money can be contributed towards chartering something even larger! This gift can become a unique experience, whether it’s for someone who is new to sailing or an avid adventurer.

Gift Card for sailors from Nautal

A Leatherman Multitool 

Any professional sailor will tell you that a multitool or knife is absolutely essential to have onboard a boat, whether you would like to sail in Greece or close to home…  The cost of this product usually ranges from around 40 to 150 euros/dollars (and sometimes a little more depending on the product). A Leatherman multitool is both useful and a good-quality gift for any sailor and can be used in a variety of situations. Imagine cruising the deep blue sea, conquering waves, and listening to the wind interrupted by the need to search for a heavy toolbox to complete a simple task. This is why a multitool or knife would be the perfect gift for any sailor who appreciates quality and convenience on board their boating adventure!

a leatherman multitool for a sailor

A Waterproof Sailing Jacket 

If you’re looking for a present for someone planning a boat trip outside of summer, a waterproof sailing jacket would definitely become this sailor’s best companion! No matter what the temperature is outside, the conditions further from land increasingly change when sailing. A waterproof jacket is an ideal gift as it can help to withstand any weather conditions and become essential protection for any sailor to fully enjoy the experience. This gift for a sailor is a little more pricey but definitely worth the money! A waterproof and windproof jacket can cost from 150 euros and above. However, a boat lover would definitely appreciate this gift choice to keep them dry and warm on any voyage. 

a girl on a boat in a waterproof jacket sailing and smiling

A Sports Camera 

Many sailors will experience those once in a lifetime moments that they’ll never forget. However, it would be even better if they could capture those mesmerizing experiences to share with others and look back on. A sports camera such as a ‘GoPro’ would be perfect for any sailor! These kinds of cameras are light, easy to use, and will help them to live their onboard memories for years after their voyage. With a broad spectrum of cameras for various usage, you can choose this gift for someone who is adventurous and goes sailing to many different locations. If you know that sailing is more than just a hobby for someone you’d like to buy a present, a sports camera can add even more value to their memories.

a sports camera in the water for a sailor

A Package of Essentials

Still not sure about the right gift to buy for a sailor? Would you like your present to be more economical? Then a package with the most essential things for any sailor would be the perfect present to buy! Check this out: a bottle of rum for a long sailing day, a power bank to keep connected to life on land, and, of course, sun cream to keep protected from those sun rays on a hot day. What else could a sailor need? These items combined are the key to a fantastic sailing experience that one will never forget! If you’re still hesitating, why not create your own sailing package!?

a gift package with the essentials for a sailor

Still not sure about trying our gift card? Check our website with all rental boats available in more than 67 countries!



  • Avatar Jaskiran Kaur says:

    Wonderful Ideas for gifting a sailor ,my favourite one is the multitool and camera . I want to add my thoughts I think every boat company should definitely have an app ,apps can be very powerful and helpful tool to manage everything and can also help in growing the business. An app provide so many features. Features can be like selling or showcasing products or gifts, renting Boat and Jet Ski, managing fuel consumption ,GPS Tracking , tracking driver’s performance ,customer service , asset tracking etc. A company named ‘Cerebrum Infotech’ develops theses types of apps and can customize it according to your needs and requirements. They give free demo and consultation.

    1. Avatar Carlos says:

      Thank you for appreciating our ideas. Nautal is constantly developing and growing, so stay in touch with us and look for our updates 😊

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